Earlier in the year my dear friend Missy Higgins came to Nashville for a visited and to write some new songs together for her new record… It’s gonna be so goooooood, and moody and sad and hopeful and epic and cool and tasty and and and well… it’s still evolving so probably more words too!
To mix it up a little I invited my friend, Writer/Producer Cason Cooley to join us on some writing as well. Cason and I had been wanting to work on something together for a while and Missy’s concept for her new album sounded right up our collaborative alley!
As of now I’ll be Producing a couple of tracks and Co-Producing a couple with Cason as well, I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds… So lovely to be working with the talented Missy Higgins once again.

Apparently we are incapable of taking a serious photo of ourselves!