Last week I had the incredible pleasure of watching The Nashville Ballet perform a sneak peek of their performance of 7 Deadly Sins which has been choreographed to 7 new songs written by Ten Out Of Tenn (of which I am a part of) specifically for this production. I GOT CHILLS PEOPLE!!! I immediately wanted to see it again! Not only will TOT be performing these songs live as a full band on the night but we will also be joined by the Nashville Symphony!! wah?! I kind of can’t believe I get to be part of such a collaboration. This truly is ambitious and is going to be something special, very unique to Nashville and definitely something that doesn’t happen every day! The Nashville Ballet, The Nashville Symphony and a bunch of scrapper indie artists :)
3 NIGHTS ONLY, May 5-7, I suggest you do your soul a favour, grab a couple of tickets, invite a friend and treat your hearts to a night of refreshing Art. Hope to see you there.

Seven Deadly Sins is presented by Union Station Hotel, with support from Nashville Public Television. Tickets start at $28 and can be purchased by phone at (615) 782-4040 or at A complete performance schedule and more information can be found online.

UPDATED 700x700 Show Graphic