Hello lovelies, long time no speaketh! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful year. This has been my “home” year and I can’t tell you how refreshing it’s been to be in one place! Eating healthy, sleeping well and doing normal day to day things, planting plants, cooking, writing, having my Mum & Dad visit me (which doesn’t happen ’cause I’m usually away so much!).

I’ve also been working on new music … drum roll please…


My Debut Album “Flutterby” turned 10 years old this year. I thought it would be fun to celebrate by re-recording the whole album from start to finish with friends & fans! This is a special project I wanted to do for all my fans, in particular all of you who have supported me right from the beginning. For those of you who have had Flutterby in your CD collection, I hope that it has brought you as much joy as it has me over the years.

Everything you need to know about joining in is explained here (click on photo above). PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO to hear the whole story!
Lots a love